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How we can help you?

We enjoy helping small and new businesses make noise in their markets by gaining market share. We help them do this by using a number of digital marketing services including copywriting, online ads, social media, and website development. If you’re trying to break into your market, you need to give us a call today so we can create a solid game plan that will help you win market share.

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Copywriting Services

Great copywriting is the key ingredient to any successful marketing campaign. Writing a blog post, a social media post or even an email for personal reasons or leisure is entirely different than writing these things for business and marketing purposes. Don't risk losing your audience (and money) due to bad copywriting. Let us help you put in place the best content to maximize your marketing budget.

We pride ourselves on developing the best content for our clients needs. Some services we provide include:

  • Website content
  • Blog posts
  • Direct mail & Email marketing
  • Landing pages
  • Online ads
  • Newsletters
  • Brochures & flyers
  • Sales letters
  • Product descriptions
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Social Media Services

Social media is an integral part of any viable digital marketing campaign. Although social media is seen more as a tool for social interaction, many businesses are wising up to the huge potential that social media has on drawing new customers and retaining existing ones. A well planned and effective social media marketing plan rivals a number of well-known offline marketing channels including billboards, print, and even TV and radio ads.

We work with businesses like yours to get on social media (SM) and have it work for them. Services we provide include: (Items marked with an * denotes services coming soon)

  • SM account/profile creation & branding
  • SM account content creation
  • SM scheduled/published posts
  • SM account/profile performance analysis
  • Client business research and analysis (for SM strategies)*
  • SM marketing strategy planning*
  • Complete strategic management of SM accounts*
  • Social media training for client staff
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Website Services

Current website needs vary from simple blogs to eCommerce to customized business portals. These websites are optimized to rank high on search results via SEO, entice new and existing customers into conversions, help interact and grow a community with content, and so on. A high-functioning website must be planned carefully and built with conversions in mind.

The needs of our clients are diverse and we’ve created websites that have met their needs. Some types of websites we can create include:

  • Single-page sites
  • Coming soon/under construction pages
  • Landing pages
  • Sales funnels
  • Blogs
  • Portfolios (for photography)
  • Interactive/Multimedia pages
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Client Support

Trying to understand digital marketing can be confusing and scary for some of our clients. This is where our Client Support comes in. It enables our clients to become the marketing hero their organization needs and deserves. We offer support services via email, over the phone and through web conferencing. We support our TWP teammates! Go to our Contact page and ask us how.

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