About Us

Why TWP Digital Marketing wants to be on your team.

Who Are We

We’re that “good friend” that every small business owner knows (or need to know) who can help them with their digital marketing plans. We help small businesses “sell stuff on the webs” by supplying top notch service and support.

Our Mission

We like to “think small” and by that, we mean that we are accessible and a valued teammate to small businesses. We aim to surpass client expectations by serving our them with our agency-quality digital marketing services and support.

What We Do

Our function consists of working with new and existing small businesses like yours to grow and develop successful whole or partial digital marketing campaigns. We use industry-standard tools to create services, engage consumers, analyze relevant data, and make necessary adjustments.

Our History

TWP Digital Marketing P. Taylor Profile Image

Pierre Taylor

Founder, TWP Digital Marketing

Pierre Taylor, TWP’s founder, was “that techie guy” at his job where his coworkers would call on him to help them with their workstation or web issues. After his second child was born in 2014, he decided that he needed to work closer to home to spend more time with his family. He stumbled upon digital marketing and realized that it involved many of skills he already used at work including content creation (mostly business writing), social media analysis, and website management. Pierre then started to learn about more marketing aspects of digital marketing including copywriting, social media marketing, and e-Commerce. He joined Fiverr as a way to practice his skills as well as network with other small business owners. In interacting with clients as people and not just another sale, he developed a camaraderie with them as well as a better understanding of how small businesses operate.

A hundred-plus hours of learning and dozens of clients later, Pierre created TWP (Team With P) Digital Marketing as a way to serve small businesses as a valued part of their team. At his old job, “that techie guy” was part of a team that helped each other reach their goals. As a Fiverr seller, he treats every client as a co-worker/team member, helping them reach their goals. TWP Digital Marketing will continue to treat our clients as teammates and enable them to get that agency-style service and support without feeling like “just another number.”

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Why choose TWP?

Digital Marketing Expertise
Rely on TWP to be as thorough and professional as you would expect workers in your business to be. Try us!
Results-Driven Services

TWP is about delivering results to our clients. We create tools like websites and SM posts to achieve goals, but we also believe that analytics and methods like retargeting are also important for measured growth.  Talk to us to learn how our results-driven services can boost your business.

Experienced Agents
TWP agents are experienced in providing services to businesses from different markets. Leave the digital marketing to us while you focus on your core business.
Scalable Services

As your business grows, your digital marketing needs will grow, too. Our services can scale with your growing business needs. Contact us to see how this works!

Budget-Friendly Services

Simply because we provide great service doesn’t mean that it needs to come at a great cost to your bottom line. Some of our services are low enough to fit in the most limited department budgets. Check out our Services Page for more details.

Dedicated Support
TWP sees every client as a team mate working to reach common goals. We are dedicated to helping our clients whenever a client needs it. Connect with us to find out more.

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